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This checklist explains many of the specific criteria that we look for when reviewing a completed project. Use it to help you evaluate each part of another group's project.

Device Page

  • Is the URL in the correct format? It should look like:
  • Does it include thorough background information on the device, as well as information on how to identify the device?
  • Does it have at least three external links?
  • Is the device picture clear, well lit, and in the correct 4:3 aspect ratio?
    • To check the aspect ratio, click on the "Image metadata" link on the top left of the device picture.
  • Does the page contain correct grammar and punctuation?
  • Does the page contain Troubleshooting, Background and Identification, and Additional Information sections all in the proper formatting?

Troubleshooting Page

  • Is the URL in the correct format? It should look like: www/
  • Does the page have at least five troubleshooting topics/problems?
  • Does each topic have thorough explanations of the causes, symptoms, and solutions for each problem?
  • Does the page link to all of the device's repair guides in applicable solutions?
  • Is there correct grammar and punctuation throughout the page?
  • Are the headers and subheaders all formatted correctly?
  • Does each topic follow the correct order of:
    • Symptom
    • Cause
    • Solution?

Guide Pictures

  • Are they well lit?
  • Is every action portrayed with hands in the shot?
  • Did they use appropriate markups for screws, clips, and fasteners?
  • Are their pictures taken on a clean background?
  • Is the white balance set so that the background looks white and all of the colors look natural?
  • Are the pictures in focus?

Guide Text

  • Does every guide use correct grammar and punctuation?
  • Are the steps clear and concise?
  • Do the bullets describe exactly how to do something, as opposed to simply what to do?
  • Do the guides correctly identify all tools and parts?
    • The blue tool should be called a "plastic opening tool" and the black tool a "spudger."
    • The motherboard should only be called a "logic board" if the device is made by Apple.


  • Are the prerequisite guides used correctly?
    • No steps should be repeated.
  • Are all guides called "replacement" guides (unless specifically told otherwise)?
  • Did they make sure not to include reassembly instructions?
  • Did they list all screw lengths (measured to the nearest 0.1 mm) and head types?
  • Do the bullet colors match their corresponding markup colors?
  • Are the caution/note/reminder bullets only used at necessary times?
    • Did they make sure not to write the words "Caution, Note, or Reminder" after the special bullets?
  • Did they only use tools for their intended purposes?
  • Is the "Details" section completed for all guides?
  • The conclusion should read, "To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order."
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