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Anyone and everyone can be a repair tech. Give them the opportunity!

We're a community of people who want to get better at fixing things. Stay focused on that goal.

There are lots of websites out there for people to act dumb on. This is not one of them.

Remember when you were working on that really hard thing that one time? Imagine the person you're helping out is you back then.

Repair is hard! Let's make it fun and rewarding.

You know the guy. Don't be that guy. (thanks, flickr)

We're all trying to make a living. You are welcome to use your profile page to promote your services, but do not promote your own commercial offerings in Answers. As you build your reputation in the community, people will come to trust you and will seek out your services.

Yes, it's easier to fix things when you've gone through five years of service training. But it's not necessary. Amateurs have changed the world!

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