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General Project Description

Your work with iFixit is divided into 4 phases. For each phase, you will work with the same group. You can find your group number on Carmen. At the beginning of the iFixit project, you will choose a name for your group:

  • Group 1 = Mauve Avengers
  • Group 2 = iBreakit
  • Group 3 = Group For
  • Group 4 = Phantom Gauge
  • Group 5 = False Start Shugarts

The assignment sheets contain details about each phase of the project, but I will use this page to post important information with links within iFixit.

You can find general information about account setup and FAQs on the OSU wiki page: Ohio State University

Phase 1: Analyze a guide and write a problem identification report

NOTE: Do NOT edit the guide for Phase 1. You must first write a detailed report about its problems.

Group 1/Mauve Avengers - Nikon Coolpix 4100

Group 2/iBreakit - Motorola Droid X

Group 3/Group For - Flip Ultra HD

Group 4/Phantom Gauge - Flip Video F260

Group 5/False Start Shugarts - Canon PowerShot G3

Phase 2: Research usability testing and teach the class about it

Phase 3: Revise device guides and conduct a usability tests of them

Group 1/Mauve Avengers - Motorola Droid X

Group 2/iBreakit - Flip Ultra HD

Group 3/Group For- Flip Video F260

Group 4/Phantom Gauge ' - Canon PowerShot G3''

Group 5/False Start Shugarts - Nikon Coolpix 4100

Phase 4: Report on your test results and your subsequent revisions

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