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iFixit’s Technical Writing Program brings a hands-on, real-world technical writing project into university classrooms around the world. The program is a unique opportunity for student groups to document the repair of a consumer device through iFixit's collaborative online platform. The product of the students' efforts is a free repair manual for anyone to use, as part of iFixit's global effort to keep as many devices as possible out of landfills.

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The project guides a group of students through the documentation process for replacing components in a consumer device — either one provided by iFixit, or one of their own choosing. These devices are usually electronics, but the possibilities can range from bicycles to toasters to Ford Mustangs! In addition to a device, iFixit also provides each group with a general-purpose toolkit for disassembling it. The entire curriculum is hosted online at, so students and instructors have access to it at any time. What's more, iFixit's technical writing staff is always reachable to answer questions from students or professors regarding the program, so you can rest assured that we're here to help if you need us!

The video below provides a short overview of iFixit's program:

And one last thing: it's free! The curriculum, the devices, the tools, the web platform—everything you need to run the project is provided by iFixit. All of the instructions, from joining to adding content, are hosted on through a variety of different media. When you start the project, iFixit sends you all the tools and devices you need for the project at no cost to you. When you finish, we pay to have them shipped back.

Key benefits:

  • Hands-on and project-based: Students get the opportunity to take apart real consumer devices, providing first-hand experience in writing technical repair manuals.
  • Real world: Students produce authentic technical documentation for everyone in the world to use.
  • Impact driven: Like all things iFixit, the curriculum follows our strong commitment to ethics. The project reinforces the need to recycle in a wasteful consumer age, and encourages students to take personal responsibility in addressing the significant problem of e-waste.
  • Hosted online: Instructors and students have access to the curriculum 24/7.
  • Collaborative: The iFixit Technical Writing Program emphasizes collaboration among students who work in teams to create peer-edited technical documentation.
  • Dynamic: All great technical writing is user-friendly and dynamic. Our easy-to-use Guidebook platform makes creating and contributing to guides simple.
  • Turn-key: This program can be integrated into your regular curriculum or used as a stand-alone project.
  • Supported: The technical writing team at iFixit provides support via email for any questions that instructors and students may have.
  • Free!: We provide all the necessary information, resources, and materials for the project.

Read more about program benefits or contact us at for more information!

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