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Welcome to the iFixit Technical Writing Project! We are very happy to have you working with us, and we look forward to helping you learn a little more about technical writing!

In this project, you will create a set of repair resources for a specific device. These resources will help people all over the world fix their own version of that same device. Think we're yanking your chain? Some student projects have had well over 50,000 views and continue to gather more and more views every day.

The page you are currently on is the Student Roadmap, a central hub for all the information you will need for the project. The Milestones (above) break down each step of the project, and the Resources (below) will elaborate on individual tasks. Helpful hint: Bookmark this page!

While this site provides instructions for the project, you'll do the actual writing on our public-facing site, Your profiles on the two sites are not linked, so you'll need to log in to to create your guides and wikis.

So…what will you be doing in this project? Let's break it down, shall we? (Remember, this information is just an overview; more specific instructions reside within each Milestone.)

  • The Troubleshooting Page (Milestone 1): This page will list the most common problems that someone might encounter with their device. The problems should be obvious, such as "Device won't turn on" or "Car makes a rattling noise at low speeds." For each problem, you'll list all of the possible causes, as well as what to do to fix them.
  • The Device Page (Milestone 2): This page is simple—it houses all of your other information. It includes background information on the device, links to your troubleshooting page, and links to your repair guides.
  • The Repair Guides (Milestone 3): The bulk of your project—each repair guide should show how to perform a specific hardware replacement. From simple repairs like replacing a battery, to more complicated repairs like replacing a motherboard, each guide should show the procedure involved to open and remove the component in question.

One last thing: We are here to help you! We love answering any questions that you might have, so add us to your address book and feel free to email us at anytime!

Our email address is: ===> techwriting[at] <====

Instructional Videos

The individual milestone pages have all the info you need—but, optionally, we've also got some great instructional videos to help walk you through each phase of the project. Just click on the thumbnail below!


These pages will come in handy at various points throughout the project. We'll link you to the ones you'll need at the bottom of each milestone, but they're collected here in all their glory!

If you just want to get started, continue to the Getting Started page.


Here at iFixit, repair is our way of life. It motivates us to do what we do. We live in a throwaway economy, where people simply chuck things in the trash when they break. Those things end up in huge landfills and wreak havoc on the environment. We want to provide people with the information and tools that they need to repair anything that might need fixing. (For more information on why we care, see our Blog.)


We'd love to know how we can improve both our site and our program for future students. We're continuously working on the software you are using and new features pop up all the time. We need your feedback! If you find any bugs in the software while you're working, email us at techwriting[at], and we'll get back to you. If something on this site confused you, tell us about it in your feedback writeup.


  • Check the Student FAQ for in-depth solutions to common issues.
  • Look at project milestones for specific instructions on any part of the project.
  • Ask a peer.
  • Contact us at techwriting[at] with any questions about your project.
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